Abbey Mills Islamic Centre
"In its simplest form the spatial arrangement of a mosque is governed by the Quibla or direction of prayer to Mecca and lines of ‘Saf’ for the congregation. A mosque is a directional field and the first mosques were simply lines drawn in the sand.
Our understanding of the mosque is drawn from ‘Hadith’ or interpretation of the Quran which we use as a methodology and the basis for the scheme. From Hadith, a mosque can be anywhere because, at the time of prayer, ‘The Whole Earth is a Mosque’    - Yvars Architects 

The Islamic Garden
The scheme is organized as an Islamic Garden, transposed onto modern day London. The garden consists of topographical layers of landscapes and activity. We see the Islamic Garden as a spatial narrative setting out the relationship between interior and exterior, or between zones of contemplation, ritual, ablution and congregation and prayer.

Dawat: An Invitation to Islam
Central to the propagation of Islam is the principle of Dawat or Invitation to Islam. The project has adopted the idea of ‘Dawat’ by physically and metaphorically reaching out to provide large urban connections which invite people into the building from West Ham station, The Greenway and beyond.

The Campus
The multiple functions of the Markaz suggest highly adaptable space. The layout of the scheme avoids compartmentalizing activity by setting up zones where programs merge and overspill.

Inflatable and Nomadic space and Islamic Geometry
The scheme considers fluctuations in visi...


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