Ab-O-Atash Amphitheatre
Ab o Atash Park with area about 24000 m^2 is located at the north of recreational complex of Arazi Abbasabad at the intersection of Didar Street and Haqqani Highway .The amphitheater is located at one of the main entrances to the complex and is considered as a landmark. Main access is after Haqqani Highway and Jahan kudak junction and another access is provided from Didar Street for pedestrian and bikes. We are interested in an architecture which you cannot separate from structure. In this project this fact is shown in an extreme way. Here the space is created by the concrete stage and the thin fabric roof. The concrete seating place is the foundation of the roof, the roof is a one piece 709 sqm, PVC-PVDF coated Polyester fabric. It is suspended and tensioned by two 16 meters steel masts in front. The masts keep in tension four steel wire ropes connected to keep in tension the fabric in front and four other cables connected to the ground. On the other side the fabric is fixed to steel trusses in the back part of the stage. A double curvature is created by high points and low points at the top of each truss in order to find the geometry which is structurally stable in wind load and snow load . Because of the slope of the ground the stage is designed in a way that people can sit on both sides of it. The roof also extends back to provide the shelter for the ones who are using the back side. These two levels are connected by a ramp which goes round the stage; a small mechanical room is located under this ramp. Although this is called an Amphitheatre but now has found other uses. Some people enjoy sitting in it as groups or couples in summer and winter, others use the steps of the stage for skateboarding or biking, some others use the front space for playing sports like Badminton or Volleyball .This all shows the need of a public space which is both defined and un-defined, and unfortunately we have lack of such spaces in our cities In this amphitheatre, there is no theatre going on, people are the players and people are the spectators. Let’s say THIS IS NOT AN AMPHITHEATRE. This is the ground folded up and down giving people the opportunity to go on the level they want and watch what they want, this is now a gently covered “viewpoint` and this is what people have taught us.


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