Aaron Ferrey House

The Aaron Ferrey House, also known as the Winan Snyder House, is a historic structure located at 5058 Sunnybrook Road in the southern part of Kent, Ohio, United States. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on August 13, 1974. The house is an example of Carpenter Gothic architecture and a rare complete use of a design by early 19th century landscape designer and Gothic Revival advocate Andrew Jackson Downing. The design is a nearly-exact replica of Design III in Downing's 1850 book, The Architecture of Country Houses, with an upper porch included instead of an extra room. It is named for Aaron Ferrey, an early settler of the area who built the house in 1866 and also maintained a brickyard on the property until 1880. Ferrey was born in Massachusetts in 1808 and moved to Ohio in 1842 after his parents had come in 1831. He came to Kent in 1846 and his parents followed in 1850.

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