A new entrance for a UNESCO world heritage

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A new entrance for a UNESCO world heritage
A new entrance for a UNESCO world heritage VÖLKLINGEN, GERMANY In 1994, the VÖLKLINGER HÜTTE was declared by UNESCO as the first industrial project as World Heritage site. The intermediate space (city–railroad track–world heritage) was an awkward clash of various completely different application demands. Useful isolation, accumulation and combination of separate elements had to be create clarity and orientation in this complex urban-rural situation. The starting point, and important to the National Trust, is first and foremost the restructuring of the entry to the Völklinger Ironworks with its two entrances that are far apart. Entrance to the forge: the start of the route to the blast furnace area in the direction of the river Saar. Entrance to the wind and energy hall: at the northern end, independent from the blast furnace area for events. The project finalizes the entry situation in an appropiate way. The visitor now gets into the cultural area on the same way as the raw material for producing steel: across the old railway-bridge. The project Völklinger Platz combines the demands of an arival point for the cultural heritage with the demands of a public space for the city. The path for the handicaped people forms a curve, leading to the bridge crossing one of the main automotive entrances of the city. A tribune forms the inner shelf of the plaza, collecting people and faces the beautiful old steel structures. It is like a place to admire the steel monument with an impressive view. The adjoining shopping centre is packed up with a banderol of climbing plants and can compete with the existing industrial structures in terms of scale. With extra markings for leisure sports and floodlights, the indoor parking will become an active place where urban monuments and recreation will come nearer. Thresholds to the city will be taken down; the world heritage will get local meaning by a plural dimensionality of the surrounding functions.


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