A Forest

Scottish artist Jim Lambie's Mirrored Shed, 'A Forest', is a striking and colorful installation situated in the woodland environment at Jupiter Artland. Chrome painted panels facade the entire surface of the structure, reflecting warped chromatic interpretations of the tree-laden environment that surrounds it. The work changes with every season that passes taking on the colors and characteristics of the landscape and echoing images of winter, and fall on its shiny surface. The corners of the mirrored panels peel backwards, resembling dog-eared pages of a book, exposing a spectrum of creased and folded colored slats. For 'A Forest', Lambie was aesthetically influenced by the image of music posters in urban environments, and the chronicle of events they reveal as they peel away. Despite its materials and chroma, the installation's reflective quality integrates it into the natural scenery, unfolding unfamiliar qualities of the forest.

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