The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College, Lab Building 2 74

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The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College, Lab Building 2 74
The expansion plan for the 142 year old Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College (KVL) in Copenhagen called for the preservation of the green campus atmosphere and the close relationship between the many different buildings. Housing laboratories, Building 2 74 is divided into five, six story blocks that are connected by open links. The building is pulled back from the edge of the street to allow trees to be planted in front. A curved facade design was determined because of site restrictions.

The laboratories are reflected in the modular design of the facades. All the laboratories, offices, and support spaces are organized along a central corridor. Vertical circulation and lounges are placed at the corridor junctions. The rhythm is based on the repetitive modular grid in the building blocks and on the floor module where the window areas form large squares. The rhythm is further emphasized by the large steel structure that supports the balconies along the longitudinal facades.

A special thin yellow brick, with a surface area of 25 x 50 centimeters, was produced in collaboration with the Brick Factory for the exterior cladding. The facade elements are framed by a stainless steel edge that is recessed five millimeters.


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