The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College Library

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The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College Library
Thirty years after the main building for the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College in Copenhagen, Denmark, was finished in 1858, the school already lacked space. An additional wing, designed by architect Gnudtzmann, was built in 1892 to serve as the main building. In 1918, architects Martin and Chresten Borch designed a four-story library connected to the corner building.

During the 1980's, when the library again needed enlarging, it was determined that the Borchs' old building could no longer satisfy the requirements of a modern library. It was torn down and replaced by a more functional building designed by Erik Møllers Tegnestue AS.

The main building houses the library administrative facilities while the public areas for the College Library are located in the new building. It is square in plan with two stories above grade and two below. The building is connected to the old complex by a glass arcade. The new building harmonizes with the surroundings in its modular rhythm and materials. The facades are yellow brick with a band of blue-glazed brick along the window ledges. The roofing is zinc.

The interior of the library is organized around a central two-story space where the circulation counter is located. From here there is a clear view of the bookshelves and magazine area. A stairway leads to the upper floor and to the open storage area in the upper basement. A bay facing the garden has a reading area with a view of large trees. The entrance is graced with a porcelain tile wall mural by artist Lin Utzon.

Area: 5,800 square meters
Client: Ministry of Education, Building Department Architect: Erik Møllers Tegnestue AS
Partners in charge:

Erik Møller, Søren Larsen, Jens Fredslund, P.C. Nielsen, Laurits Holm, Klaus Maar, Per Hilbert, Jan Koed, Almuth Holm, Mette Kyed, Anders Jørgen Holck (Construction Manager) Engineers: Moe and Brødsgaard A/S
Landscape Architect: Andreas Bruun
Art Work: Lin Utzon November 29, 2000 Erik Møllers Tegnestue AS arcspace features


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