Jesolo Lido Village
Jesolo Lido Village
Jesolo Lido, Italy

“I tried to create a new concept of space for spending free time and holidays, using human dimensions as a unit of measure.” - Richard Meier

The Jesolo Lido Complex, located on the Adriatic Sea in Jesolo Lido, is comprised of Jesolo Lido Village, set inland at the scale of the adjacent residential fabric, and three towers: Jesolo Lido Condominium Tower, Jesolo Lido Residence Hotel Tower, and Jesolo Lido Hotel Tower set on the ocean front. The Jesolo Lido Village will be the first phase of construction of the Jesolo Lido Complex. The low-rise, three-story residential Village consists of two parts: a long bar-bar building containing 21 apartments with retail on ground floor, facing a plaza that would serve as the “heart” of the intervention, and houses arranged along either side of a swimming pool and park space. A typical residential module in the Village layout consists of two-bedroom units on three floors with common external stairs and small garden courts at grade. This freestanding residential module provides for an alternation of volumes and voids, with a brise-soleil system that runs continuously along the elevation facing the swimming pool.   

At dawn and dusk light will filter through the voids between the residential modules providing for particularly animated light conditions. A landscape “palette” of paved courts combining existing trees and new plantings creates a fluid and lyrical park that gravitates, through a series of formal spatial steps, to the lido front facing onto the Adriatic Sea. Through the application of light and glass, Jesolo Lido Village achieves an alternating relationship between interior and exterior, between art and nature.  The result is an open and inviting residential plan that takes advantage of light, views and the natural setting. Jesolo Lido Condominium Tower will be oriented to afford the most luxurious apartments ideal distant views of Venice to the south.  Two of the high rise Towers are oriented on a north-south axis to maintain existing view corridors.


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