Cittadella Bridge
Cittadella Bridge
Over the River Tanaro, Italy

Major floods along the River Tanaro in 1994 confirmed the dire need to replace the Napoleonic era Cittadella Bridge. During the flooding the water level reached the roadway, and the bridge piers caught much of the debris in the river, effectively acting as a dam. The new design by Richard Meier, a single span raised above the flood plain, not only solves that problem, but enhances the natural flow of the river. The existing bridge had also become heavily congested with traffic making it virtually impossible for pedestrian use. The new bridge will provide separate parallel routes for pedestrians and vehicles.

The vehicular side bows dramatically to the north; as a counterbalance a 30 meter high arch curves to the south. The weight of the pedestrian bridge helps maintain the balance and, with the opposing curves, creates a dynamic arrangement. The proposal for the bridge design is linked to a proposal for the redesign of the adjacent Piazza Gobetti, which will feature a tower and water element, as well as the design of public, open space beneath the bridge along the embankment. The 30 meter high tower will serve as a focal point for Piazza Gobetti and will provide a way to view the bridge from above. More importantly, it will provide a way to see the Cittadella to the west, connecting it to the city. Together, the Cittadella Bridge proposal makes a very strong east/west connection from the center of the city through Piazza Gobetti across the bridge to the Cittadella.


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