86-88 Delancey Street
The site at 86-88 Delancey Street is an important gateway into the London Borough of Camden. Traditionally limited by London to Birmingham railway tunnels that run below it, NBA has pioneered an innovative process of canti-levering a five storey mixed use development over the site. At the core of the design of this development is the belief in a sustainable future and the role of architecture to provide this as best it can in each circumstance. By understanding the inherent urban characteristics of the site it was possible to establish that by creating an urban curve the building would track the sun's diurnal range with solar thermal panels on its facade. The width of the railway cutting ensures that no significant buildings are likely to constructed on the opposite bank. As rental apartments a common heating and hot water system will provide 50% of the occupant's annual requirements. By creating a crescent shaped semi-grassed barrier to the front of the site a significant improvement is made to the urban realm of the site as a whole.


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