65 Croisette
Alain Moatti and Henri Rivière have laid out a set of eight new luxury boutiques for the Codic group at the foot of the Miramar, between the Carlton and the Martinez. Quality and bold creativity produce a building that has a distinct feminine look, in curve and counter-curve, partly sheltered by an opalescent patterned glass veil that captures sunlight and reflects it: ‘praising shadow’. A ‘cut diamond’ glittering on the sea front, honed by technology informed by advanced research in tandem with the age-old skill of an Italian master glazier. The veil adds an illusion of lightness, a magnificent impression of effortless balance. It also adds glamour by its purity, and sets the building in a state of weightlessness, besides waving to the sea and the sky, miming the rhythms of nature. The set brings something never-before-seen in this part of Cannes, adding to the sparkling effervescence of the French Riviera. A metaphor of elegance and luxury born of an act of creation, endowing the city with beauty as project. This ambitious project was realized thanks to the willpower of our client, the real estate developer Codic, which trusted in our creativity and gave us all the necessary means to manage this challenge. “Building the future is an art` this saying is a perfect illustration of Codic real estate developer’s ambitions, that are to create activity centres, strengthen their attraction from the financial and social points of view, and create areas which are pleasant to live in. The veil A sparkling ‘cut diamond’, facing the sea. The opalescent silk-screen patterned veil shades the show windows from direct sunlight, reflects light and fills out the façade with its curves: praising shadow. It adds glamour and purity to the composition, gives the building a feeling of weightlessness, and opens it to the sea and sky by miming their natural rhythms. Its advanced technology relies on innovative research informed by the skill and savoir-faire of an Italian master glazier. The veil is composed of layered silk-screen patterned glass. Overall geometry imposes conical parts in concave and convex array Each piece is heat-moulded and settled by gravity. Fixation to the structure is achieved by means of brackets, which are inserted in the curved glass plates. Direct commission Client: Codic Location: 65 la Croisette, 06400 Cannes Area: 2 500 m² Mission: architecture Cost of works exc. tax: 4.5 M € Delivery: March 2008 Engineering: RFR (construction & structure), D’ici là (landscaping), L’Observatoire (lighting design), Norisko (fire security)


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