55 Baker Street
The recently-completed 55 Baker Street office development introduces a dynamic new presence to one of London’s most important urban thoroughfares. Designed by Make Architects, this radical renovation of a 1950s office building pursues a cost- and energy-efficient strategy of retention and enhancement which allows the structure to fulfil its potential as an important new urban amenity. While providing an exceptional range of flexible and highly efficient office spaces, the scheme enhances activity and interest at street level by offering an enriched mix of uses and introducing a substantial new public space to the streetscape. The original brief required that the building should be refurbished to maximise office accommodation, with the addition of a block of residential accommodation to the rear, and retail at ground level. The design team’s approach, however, was not merely to renovate but to completely reinvent the entire building as a landmark development, with the quality and detail of design applied throughout distinguishing the building from other more conventional speculative office projects. Despite its radically improved appearance, 50 per cent of the existing built fabric has been retained. Former vertical cores have been removed to rationalise circulation and new floorplates connect the projecting fingers of accommodation to create a substantially increased area of office accommodation. Full height atria are retained at the heart of these office floors to draw natural light deep into the building, while the two central voids are preserved to serve as a courtyard and servicing bay to the rear of the building and as a striking new public entrance atrium on Baker Street. The transformation of the building is dramatically expressed by three glass skins or


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