500 Bourke Street

500 Bourke Street

A number of new programmatic requirements were surgically grafted on to the existing 1970’s building fabric. A renewed ground plane promoting connectivity and activity between Bourke and Little Bourke Streets has been realised.

Multiple uses were designed and developed including the following;
>Significant upgrade to the existing foyer.
>Building envelope for new Bank Branch and associated conference facilities.
>Addition of a new Canopy to Bourke Street frontage.
>Extension of Retail areas to Little Bourke Street.
>Addition of new external plaza and landscaped environment.
>New Building envelope for childcare facility.

 Thematic interests for this project included the modification of light through fritting to glazing and a new sculpted and tessellated ceiling system in the foyer. Various patterning techniques have been employed and these material textures are used to blur the civic and the commercial spaces, whilst making linkages to the streets beyond.  A new courtyard space for the retail precinct captures northern light whilst focusing attention on the original historic Melbourne Supreme Court dome.


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