401 St Kilda Road
Situated along Melbourne’s most prestigious boulevard, 401 St Kilda Road comprises of a seven level luxury apartment building with seventeen residential apartments and ground level retail tenancies. This mixed-use development provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the diverse mix of site uses within the precinct. At 401, Elenberg Fraser has designed 17 apartments with 17 different arrangements and 17 different combinations of materials. This is a unique concept providing a truly bespoke service for high end apartment design in architecture. The collection of details and finishes are different, to reflect the character and ambition of each of the individual owners. Constructed along graceful yet horizontal lines with cascading gardens adorning bronze shutters, the facade of 401 St Kilda Road is a seamless integration of landscape and architecture. The overall form comes from a desire to create a building that is based in landscaping. The irregular site footprint has encouraged an irregular curved plan form. The building holds both street frontages to maintain their rhythm and scale. This building has been designed to embrace and accentuate the character of St Kilda Road and the surrounding precinct. It is an area of diverse architectural styles, rich in detail and pattern, with a strong landscape theme. Whilst this building is respectful to the street frontages in height and bulk, it attempts to sit as an exceptional addition to both streetscapes and the area in general. The landscaping is integral to the creation of the garden apartment concept and being bold and graphic, to be inhabited, yet providing views from above. The building concept ‘a garden house in the air’. The apartment interiors are complimentary to the elegance of the architectural form and comprise of luxury materials, appliances, fixtures and fittings. Large, uninterrupted light filled volumes define the entry, gallery, living and kitchen areas and are highlighted by the considerate use of natural timber joinery, unique natural marbles and natural stone floors. Sustainable design principles are integral to the architecture and interiors of 401. 401 is conceived as a higher density collection of small ‘garden houses’ providing the space and amenity required by families in a central location adjacent the CBD. The building design passively optimises natural light, shade and cross ventilation to the apartments creating beautiful, healthy spaces with reduced energy consumption, high indoor environment quality and improved thermal comfort. Adjustable bronze shutters to the east and west facades allow occupants to filter and control both sunlight and privacy. The ventilation pockets created by the varied building form, texture of the facade detail, and carefully placed operable sections in the facade allow for a highly effective natural cross ventilation of the apartments taking advantage of the prevailing breezes. Integrated landscaped gardens provide a beautiful amenity and receive natural rainfall due to the cascading building form, which, is supplemented through irrigation with harvested rainwater. Water usage is further minimized through the use of grey water recycling systems for toilet flushing. High efficiency heating and cooling systems are used along with a low energy lighting design and smart control building management systems. Materials, finishes, sealants and adhesives are carefully selected from sustainable sources with low VOC ratings. Exposed thermal mass within the apartments helps to stabilize internal temperatures and retain passive cooling.


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