40 Bond Street, New York

Effortless Luxury Living is the essence of 40 Bond, a sophisticated new concept in urban living created by Ian Schrager. For the first time, it combines all the benefits of home ownership with the services, privileges and amenities of a unique world class, five-star hotel. This is something that has never before been offered in apartment living. It is a new way of living…a carefree and effortless one. That is the idea behind every aspect of 40 Bond.

The building, designed by the eminent Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron, is an architectural masterpiece. It is a radical redesign of a traditional cast iron building with utterly unique apartments and townhouses (the first townhouses built in generations). Both have unprecedented, innovative and sophisticated layouts, details and finishes. But the true revolution is in the idea itself, not merely in the look. It is a contemporary luxury lifestyle with maximum pleasure and minimum bother.

As the inventor of both the modern hotel and nightclub, Schrager observed a simple but profound fact of modern life: enjoyment of life’s pleasures and luxuries is usually compromised by the time, expense and burden of details in arranging for them. 40 Bond is a response to this dilemma. These are not merely apartments with hotel services such as room service or maid service, they are much more than that. They are homes designed specifically to meet the needs of modern people and the clamor of modern city life. Schrager believes that true luxury is not merely the ownership of material possessions, but is to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want. 40 Bond allows just that.


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