4 star Hotel
Morphologically the landscape has a 4 meters gap between the pathways that form the street corner and of 8.5 mt to the west. The surroundings are characterized by mixed-use buildings, including housing, retail and services, which rooflines range between 40 and 60 meters high. A building with a strong identity is proposed through the design of a single 13 storeys volume sitting above a base of two floors, occupying almost the whole field. The hospitality services and social areas are organised on this base as well as the retail program. The bedrooms are located in the remaining floors. This volume presents some special characteristics, since it is a body whose horizontal section is inscribed in an ellipse with a changing geometry in all floors, growing vertically from its centre to the edges. The structural elements on the facades are opaque elements of the layout. The impression of a dynamic shape is created as if the structural elements acquire movement, and a set of transparencies and opacities is obtained which are reinforced by the treatment of the materials used for each triangle formed, in accordance to certain rules that result from the internal functions. The building is structured from a central nucleus composed of two stairwells, the maintenance column and public stairs, and the lifts shaft. The users' access is carried out from the side street by taking advantage of the gap this street has with the Avenida do Bessa. In this outside space there is a sheltered place for unloading of passengers which also ensures access to the ramp leading to the public parking basements. The main foyer has double-height ceiling. This floor caters for all the social program of the hotel. Reception, Lobby, bar, restaurant. These spaces are contiguous translating into a fluid sequence of spaces that in turn give access to a west facing balcony. The meeting rooms are also located in the base volume as well as the 4 retail shops which only have access from the outside, via Av. do Bessa. The first floor is a strictly technical floor, where rooms such as the heating station, the boards room, the air treatment units, are located. The 145 bedrooms are in the floors 2 to 12. The 13th floor is due to have not only 6 room units but also an outdoor swimming pool and roof terrace. The janitorial rooms, locker rooms for 40 staff and all remaining technical spaces are in the basement -2. The service ramp access is through the south end of the plot. Basements -3, -4 and -5 house the remaining 66 parking spaces for the hotel users and some technical rooms, such as, the generator plants and equipment related to the fumes extraction system.


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