36 Leadenhall Street, London

The building, originally designed by Yorke, Rosenberg and Mardall and subsequently Listed,

occupies a prominent corner site at the junction of Leadenhall Street and Billiter Street, in the heart of the insurance district of the City of London and close to both Richard Rogers’s Lloyds building and Foster’s Swiss Re building [the Gerkin].


The changing face of commercial needs required that the building be extensively remodeled and the two uppermost floors be replaced. With a satisfactory matching of the existing external envelope unlikely the new uppermost floors have been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible by creating a simple glass curtain walled ‘box’ set back from the plane of the main facades.


All of the office areas have been extended as far as possible and all services and finishes replaced in as sensitive a manner as possible. The office interiors have been designed to be simple and uncomplicated as the building’s exterior, with few cellular offices to obstruct the internal spaces.


The remodeling has also included extensive works to all the common areas of the building including the lift lobbies and toilets.  Internal finishes included sycamore timber paneling, polished plaster, mosaic tiling and limestone and slate flooring.


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