20 jardin villas in Vallecas “urbs in horto` ( building with green ) “A young tree in the sahel absorbs approximately 10 kilos of CO2 per year` “Trees remove pollutants from the air and store carbon dioxide in their leaves, branches, trunks and roots. Trees also absorb sulphur dioxide nitrous oxide , tow components of acid rain and ozone. They remove dust, ash, pollen and smoke from the air and produce oxygen via photosynthesis. Research has proven that 100 trees can remove 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the area every year. “Every year an ash tree filters: 60mg of cadmium, 140 mg of chorine, 820 mg of nickel and 5800 mg of lead` “A tree that shelters your house from the sun in the city will also cut pollution from fossil fuels by absorbing the same amount of CO` as 145 forest trees` “A single mature tree can release enough oxygen into the atmosphere to keep two human beings alive.` “The Tokyo municipal government regulations are currently the most advanced terms of CO2 and heat absorption, because they oblige all post-2001 buildings with a roof terrace covering more than 1000 m2 to convert at least 20% of this area into a green zone.` “Work by American an German universities is analysing the impact of green zones on people´s psychological and physical state. They have found that the presence of trees has an extremely positive effect on both our mental and physical health. In contrast, people who have views across treeless urban and landscapes (heat islands) suffer more frequently from feelings of anguish , irritation, sadness and stress` All these descriptions are taken form a wide range of internet pages. We have also discovered websites that are involved in the plantation of trees in Africa, Asia and south America; websites to plant a million trees in Los Angeles, half a million in Chicago, and a infinite number of trees via hundreds of websites for cities and towns across the United States, all privately subsidised. Urbs in horto. Is the motto of Chicago, one of the cities that is most seriously concerned with environmental protection in general. It could be translated as City in a Garden, or city in greenery, building green or Building with Greenery. Building with greenery is what disturbs us most. The only material that interest us in this project are plants. Creepers like ampelopsis , honeysuckle, jazminoids, ivy, Virginia creepers and passionfruit form the basis and the non-architecture of this building. The rest of the materials are compulsory ; metal mesh to hold the plants and help them cling and climb, prefab concrete panels for the structure and partitions between the dwellings, glass frontage for the dwellings to enjoy the views of the greenery and provide the greatest possible amount of light; continuous rubber flooring… Enough!!! We repeat, the only materials that interest us in this building are its plants.


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