The particular political and economic context of this project introduced a number of challenges. Our client secured a last minute, long term lease of a large, generic two storey commercial space, but was able to negotiate the change of use and appendage of what would have been the parking garage underneath as additional retail space. We were retained to redesign the pattern of circulation between these three levels while the building was already under construction and then turn the entire sequence of spaces into a legible and attractive showroom for high end contemporary design.

Our strategy was to carefully excavate a narrative of passage through the three story volume, such that there would always be connection, visual or implied, to corresponding spaces above or below. Various kinds of exhibition space, of different proportion, were woven together using a complex system of circulation, which has an understated but unashamed dramatic motivation. The intent is to create a display landscape which has spatial complexity and variation, but which may be experienced in a clear sequence. Various voyeuristic techniques are employed to provide unexpected and enticing views throughout.


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