114 William Street

“Angular insertions and bold applications of intense colour provide markers in this otherwise understated corporate landscape.” Michael Anderson

Democratic planning was a guiding axiom. It is an environment that promotes awareness of each other and reinforcement of common aims. Workers and visitors alike can identify with the aims and intentions of this team-based organisation. One open-planned area, with no enclosed offices, encourages contact among all staff, provides equal views for all, and shares natural light.

Transparent, relaxed, egalitarian and inclusive: consistent with these values the reception and public areas and workstations share one fluid open space with clear view from one to the other. Office areas are punctuated with three focus rooms, clad in blackboard, magnetic white board and a cork pin-board. As well as meeting spaces, they are identity hubs, part signposts, part diaries of the working week on a billboard scale.

The colour palette is at its most powerful when intense reds, violets and greens combine with mute natural materials namely cork, leather, linen and marmoleum.  Front-of-house finishes are understated rather than overtly prestigious. Unexpected applications play with preconceptions. The reception desk is upholstered in leather, cork lines the walls, marmoleum the floors. Humble plasterboard is admitted but distorted into a camber to raise its status.

Building Activity

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