100k House Project

The 100k House Project is the first from Postgreen, a young Philadelphia development company dedicated to energy efficient, healthy homes. This project is named for it's ambitious goal of building a LEED Platinum home for $100,000 or $100 per square foot in hard construction costs (labor and materials). The infill home in the project is technically the 100k House and the team was able to acheive their goals with that building. The corner home, often jokingly called the 120k House, was slightly more expensive to build due to the extra facade wall. Both of these homes use less than 50% of the energy typically consumed by the average code-built home, and they have been built with materials and systems that provide excellent indoor air-quality.


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    I am with Postgreen, and while we may have improved our homes since this building, we are still very proud of the 100k Project. It was our very first foray into development, and I don't think we could have picked a better project with which to start.
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