‘Living Architecture’
‘Living Architecture’ – the new films by Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine describe the daily intimacy of the great masterpieces of modern architecture. Unlike most architectural documentaries the five series: 'Koolhaas Houselife', 'Xmas Meier', 'Pomerol Herzog& de Meuron', 'Gehry's Vertigo', and 'Renzo Inside Piano', do not aim to objectively focus on the structure of an edifice, its materials, and its technical details, but rather subjectively seek to develop a way of looking at architecture which diverts from the current trend of idealizing and worshiping buildings. The authors indirectly criticize the cult of perfect, disembodied forms entirely devoid of people. The deserted drawings of idealized architectural pieces do not show even small part of reality because buildings are made for people and without inhabitation they are missing an essential part of their identity. The movies demonstrate the vitality, fragility and vulnerable beauty of the seemingly virtuous and infallible architectural pieces as witnessed by the people who use, maintain, or live in them. 


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