Łazienkowski Bridge

Coordinates: 52°13′31″N 21°02′57″E / 52.22528°N 21.04917°E / 52.22528; 21.04917

Łazienkowski Bridge (Polish: Most Łazienkowski) is a five-span steel bridge 423 m long and 28 m wide, across the Vistula in Warsaw, Poland. It was opened on 22 July 1974, after three years' construction. There are three lanes for vehicles and a pavement each way.

The name refers to Łazienki Park and Łazienki Palace, located to the south-west of the bridge. The full official name, adopted in 1981, is Most Łazienkowski im. gen. Zygmunta Berlinga (English: General Zygmunt Berling Łazienkowski Bridge), but in practice this is virtually never used.