Download Festival 'Buildings' App Now

Tom Mallory by Tom Mallory,
18 October 2011

Open up information about the World Architecture Festival, Inside Festival, the projects & the city!


What is the 'Buildings' app?
You can download the 'Buildings' app from the android marketplace and apple app store. When the event starts, this app will update with all the necessary information about the festival (if you are nearby).


What are QR codes?
At the festival you will see lots of QR codes - the box-like looking barcodes. Use your smartphone with these to open up all sorts of extra information about the projects involved in the festival.


How do you read QR codes?
Well, first of all download the 'Buildings' app for your Android device or iPhone, now open up the 'Buildings' app and click the 'QR Codes' button, point your camera phone at the QR code and the extra info you want will load automatically.


Why should I use QR codes?
You can check out extra information and media about projects, make comments and importantly you can add projects to your own favourites folder - use your favourites folder to keep a hold of projects that really inspire you from the festival.


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