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Joana Lazarova by Joana Lazarova,
18 September 2011

World Bamboo Day is a day of celebration to increase the awareness of bamboo globally. Our new collection lets you into the charming, versatile world of bamboo architecture. Happy World Bamboo Day!

                               Sagano Bamboo Forest/ RYOKAN,KYOT


Ecological Children Activity and Education Center by 24H > architecture    

Finding inspiration in nature and combining eco-friendly materials and techniques, 24H > architecture, focuses on sustainable building that fits symbiotically into their natural surroundings.                                                           

24H > architecture

wNw Bar by VO TRONG NGHIA, LTD      

The wNw Bar, located in the center of Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong province in the southern region of Vietnam, has become a cultural center for the local residents. Traditionally, bamboo is treated by muddy soaking and smoking out in order to lengthen the service life of bamboo.                                                                                 


The Green School by PT Bambu      

PT Bambu think out of the box. The Green School in Bali features classrooms without walls and is currently the largest bamboo structure in the world.                                                                                                      

Worldchanging. CC

Taiwan Forest Pavilion by nArchitects     

nARCHITECTS designed this ephemeral pavilion for the Masadi Green Wonder Festival in Hua Lien, Taiwan. As an extension of techniques developed in 2004’s Canopy for MoMA/P.S.1, the 20m/60’ diameter and 7m/22’ tall pavilion is comprised of 11 green bamboo vaults that provides shade.                                                                                                   

Iwan Baan

Great (Bamboo) Wall by Kengo Kuma & Associates

Inspired by the form of the Great Wall, Kengo Kuma used local materials to resolve the architecture in its environment. Moreover, bamboo has been chosen by the architect as a symbol of cultural exchange as it was imported historically to Japan from China. 

SOHO China Ltd

Bridge School at Pinghe by Atelier Li Xiaodong                

Located at a remote village, Fujian Province in China, the Bridge school features a bridge which connects two old castles cross the creek, creating strong sense of space.                                      

Li Xiaodong

Folded Bamboo + Paper House by Ming Tang      

Ming Tang designed temporary shelters in Yuzhong, Lanzhou, Gansu, China. The characteristic of the Folded Bamboo House heavily relies on the umbrella structure’s open angle and the spatial relations of each rib.                                                          

Ming Tang

Bamboo Structure Project by Rai Studio      

The bamboo was still soft and flexible during construction and it's possible to keep the bamboo alive after construction, while the unique shape provides reasonable resistance against horizontal forces such as strong winds or earthquakes.                                                                                          Rai Studio

Bamboo Forest and Huts with Water by Ryuchi Ashizawa Architects    

Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associates created 7 temporary wooden buildings in Osaka, Japan. The 'forest' which was made from curved bamboo acted as a floating roof covering 1200 square meters.                                            

Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associates

Panyaden School by 24H > architecture              

The entire school has been built from local earth and local bamboo. The curved contours of the bamboo roof structure mirror the mountains at the horizon of the site.                                             

24H > architecture

Black Teahouse by A1 Architects  

A1 Architects used bamboo and sisal ropes to create a cozy tea house in Česká Lípa, Czech Republic.

A1 Architecture

Bamboo Symphony by Manasaram Architects     

A breathtaking example that the most important thing is not beautiful curved surfaces but 'the construction of a long chain of relation between hypothesis of a project and it's formal result'.                            

Krishanu Chaterjee

Bug Dome by WEAK!        

WEAK! used bamboo construction methods, based on local knowledge from rural Guanxi brought into the city by the migrating construction workers in Shenzhen, China.

Nikita Wu

Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop     

The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility is a new complex for farm equipment servicing, re-fueling & storage in North Carolina, designed by Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility. 'The bamboo skin provides an important structural resiliency in relation to the mobile farm equipment. Because bamboo is a large-scale ‘grass’ with fused growth nodes located along its length, the plant material can absorb accidental bumps with farm equipment – incurring only localized splinter damage that springs back into shape without compromising the integrity of the entire stalk.' explain the architects.                     

De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop

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