"Buildings" Android App Launched!

Tom Mallory by Tom Mallory,
25 July 2011


Summer sightseeing is given a new dimension with today’s launch of free Android app "Buildings"

Our new app gives tourists a mobile encyclopedia of more than 40,000 buildings across the globe to discover at their fingertips, complete with expert commentary and insight. The app enhances tourists’ experience by using GPS to identify a user’s location and highlight interesting ‘Nearby’ buildings.

The Android version of the Buildings app looks set to be as popular as its iPhone equivalent, which has been downloaded nearly 300k times. With Buildings in your pocket, this summer you can indulge your passion for local architecture and enjoy a more profound understanding of the history of the buildings around you than ever before.

Any feedback about what you like and what you want improving would be great to hear. Hope you enjoy it!

The app can be downloaded from www.openbuildings.com/apps



Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson01 August 2011

The ability to rotate into landscape mode while searching and reading about buildings would be a plus.

bryngel Domeij
bryngel Domeij17 August 2011

I tryed to enlarge the smal pictures but they just open as a black screen at both of my mobiles what's wrong ?

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